OUT NOW: Rag in Fourths

Today’s the day – Bandcamp Friday! In celebration, I am releasing a single from my Ragtime Project entitled Rag in Fourths. It is a piece inspired by Ragtime rhythms and quartal harmonies (think McCoy Tyner).

I am even more excited to be giving all the proceeds from the release to the Sphinx Organization, whose work of transforming lives through the power of diversity in the arts is very important.

I also have the sheet music available on the merch section of my Bandcamp page.

I am going to start selling more of my original sheet music through Bandcamp because they take only a 10% cut for all digital merch sales compared to the major online sheet music stores that take as much as 55%. This is just one of many ways that Bandcamp is an amazing platform that puts artists first!

My previous releases – The New Groove and Live at Berklee – are also available on Bandcamp.

And I’m running a special – buy my entire digital discography for $7.15 (35% discount)!

Thank you for your incredible support, especially during this difficult time. I hope you enjoy the music!

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