A Week of Ragtime

This blog post is part of my Ragtime Project, which encompasses an upcoming EP of Ragtime-inspired music, blog posts about the history of the music, and a forthcoming self-published collection of essay about what in this music and its history resonates with me as a performer and composer.

Leading up to the release of my latest single, Rag in Fourths, I shared an important piece of Ragtime music each day on social media. This is a compilation of these posts.

June 26thMaple Leaf Rag

June 27thSensations

June 28thTreemonisha

June 29thFrog Legs Rag

June 30thThe Cascades

July 1stThat Epidemic Rag

July 2ndMaple Leaf Rag (as played by Sidney Bechet)

July 3rdRag in Fourths

Learn More About Ragtime

This is a collection of the sources I have used for my research on ragtime. I am always looking for more places to learn, so please let me know if you have any recommendations.

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