3 Saxophone Products You Didn’t Know You Needed

You have the saxophone, the neck strap, the case, the cork grease – all set, right? That’s enough to get you started, but there are some great products that can make the saxophone a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Before I get further into this post, I want to mention that there are a lot of products available fo the saxophone. Some are high quality while others are cash grabs. I only promote products that I actually use. I want to direct my readers to only the best resources products, ones that have been tried and true.

1. Yamaha Powder Paper

You can clean out condensation on the inside of your horn with a swab, but it doesn’t soak up the moisture on your pads. Powder paper helps absorb the condensation and prevent pads from sticking. This is a great step to add into your saxophone care routine.

Yamaha Powder Paper for saxophone and other woodwind instruments
My personal powder paper

2. Vandoren Harness

The Vandoren Saxophone Support System Harness helps distribute the weight of the saxophone more evenly, relieving pressure from the neck and shoulders. It makes the saxophone fee incredibly light and allows for a more comfortable playing experience.

A less important detail. I’ve had some success with making it look l’m not wearing a harness. For example, I can put the harness on and then wear a cardigan over it and it looks like I’m just using a neck strap. I know some people are wary of switching to a harness because it might not look as good on the stage, but I have found ways to work with it.

Back when I first bought my harness.

3. BG Mouthpiece Cushions

Mouthpiece cushions, sometimes called mouthpiece patches, are a great product because they are more comfortable on the teeth and protect the mouthpiece from bite marks. They come in different thicknesses (I personally prefer the thicker ones) and different sizes for various instruments. I have found that one size works for alto sax, soprano sax, and clarinet.

BG Mouthpiece cushions for saxophone and clarinet
My personal mouthpiece cushions
What are your favorite saxophone products? Let me know in the comments!

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