Listening Log: Week 5

Minor Bash — Lou Donaldson

Lou Donaldson has such an incredible sound on the saxophone. The clarity and development of his solos is always mind-blowing, and his playing on this track is no exception. I will be sharing a transcription of his great solo soon!

I’ve Got a Feeling I’m Falling — Louis Armstrong

I have been digging into Louis Armstrong’s album Satch Plays Fats. Every song is outstanding in its own right. I first heard this tune on The Gellers and really enjoyed it, but failed to investigate its roots. It was a joy to hear it reimagined by Pops.

Blues for Booty Green’s — Roy Hargrove

One of my classmates shared this Roy Hargrove track with us. The sincerity and intention behind every note is captivating, a rare intensity that brings few to mind, most notably Louis Armstrong.

Rosetta — Earl Hines

I mentioned a rendition of this Earl Hines song in a previous Listening Log, one that he recorded with Johnny Hodges. The version I am sharing today is from the album Earl Hines in New Orleans. This is an album worth checking out in its entirety.

The World is Waiting for the Sunrise — Benny Goodman

I came across this live Benny Goodman video when searching for music to share with some of my students. The spirit of this performance is electrifying.

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