“Cabin Fever” is a short burst of energy, representing the angst caused by social isolation.

The Ragtime Project EP is a culmination of my summer research on the first popular music in the United States. The Ragtime Project consists of a trio of endeavors – the EP, my debut ebook Reaching Back to Ragtime, and my Ragtime Project blog series.

The first single from my forthcoming Ragtime Project EP. A piece for alto saxophone and piano that combines the elements of Ragtime rhythms and modern, quartal harmonies.

100% of my proceeds will be donated to the Sphinx Organization.

This album is about my journey searching for routine, or a new groove, during the uncertain times of the COVID-19 pandemic. I challenged myself to put this EP together in less than three weeks – compose three new songs, record them, mix, master, promote, everything – independently (and with some help from Henry Godfrey).

A live recording of my original music for big band.