Charlie Parker on K.C. Blues

Charlie Parker is one of my favorite saxophonists to transcribe. To me, he balances the use of technical prowess and lyrical melodic conception to the highest degree. His solo on K.C. Blues captivated me because of its incredible soulfulness and flurries of technical mastery. Here is my transcription of his solo. For more transcriptions,…… Continue reading Charlie Parker on K.C. Blues

New Transcription – There Will Never Be Another You

I just finished transcribing Sonny Stitt’s solo on “There Will Never Be Another You.” I first learned the solo by ear with the recording and then notated it using Finale. For more of my transcriptions, visit my Transcription Page. Enjoy!

New Transcription — Cherokee

Here it is, perhaps my most ambitious transcription yet, Cherokee as played by Charlie Parker! I learned the whole solo from memory on my saxophone before writing it down. Here is the original recording and my transcription is downloadable here. More of my transcriptions can be found here.

New Transcription – Mr. Good Blues

I am excited to share my very first clarinet transcription, Mr. Good Blues from Jimmy Hamilton’s album Can’t Help Swingin’. You can download my transcription and listen to the original recording. You can also find more of my transcriptions here.