Berklee Year 3 in Review

As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun. This school year has been nothing short of remarkable. Some highlights include leading a recital, starting my job as a Core Music Tutor, and continuing to do great work with Women in Jazz Collective. I am really thankful for the people I collaborated with, the mentors who have guided me, and the experiences I had that helped me grow as a musician and person this year. Wishing everyone a joyful summer!

Recital Spring 2018

I had an incredible time at my recital last week! The program consisted on two original compositions and four arrangements (my own versions of songs written by someone else). You can listen to the recital on my SoundCloud playlist and check out some photos.



Tribute to Women in Jazz Concert!

It was an honor to organize the first Tribute to Women in Jazz Concert on behalf of Women in Jazz Collective! It was a wonderful celebration of the ingenuity of women performers and composers at Berklee.

The full concert can be viewed here. (My band starts around 46:35.)

Photos by Gaia Wilmer

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