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Thank you for joining me in learning about this important part of United States music history. Ragtime is a music created by the unique, often tragic conditions in United States culture in the mid-to-late 1800s. Enslaved Africans and their descendants took their syncopated rhythmic language and combined it with the forms and harmonic conventions of marching band music brought to the Americas from Europe. From these roots, Ragtime, which was named for the way the music sounded “ragged” to those unfamiliar with accented off-beat patterns, was born.

Here is a collection of articles, books, scholars, videos, and other resources I have used in my research on this vital music.


Terry Waldo Discusses Ragtime
What is Ragtime? Ragtime Explained in 2 minutes
What is Boogie Woogie? Boogie Woogie Explained in 2 minutes
The Incredible Story of America’s First Pop Star
Scott Joplin – Living History
How to play Scott Joplin’s “School of Ragtime”


Scott Joplin’s ragtime gets its dues – The Guardian
100 Years of the Maple Leaf Rag – Minnesota Public Radio
Ragtime – Library of Congress
History of Minstrelsy: Ragtime and the “Coon song” – USF Libraries
Joplin’s Ragtime Style Lives on in Print and Song – NPR
The Ragtime Revival – Commentary Magazine
The Ragtime Revival – A Belated Ode to Composer Scott – The New York Times
There Was Ragtime Before ‘The Sting’ – The Washington Post


Scott Joplin: Complete Piano Works – New York Public Library
Early Jazz – Gunther Schuller


The Syncopated Times


Scott Joplin International Ragtime Festival


Terry Waldo
Rudi Blesh
Harriet Janis
Edward A. Berlin
Bill Edwards

Ragtime Project Posts

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