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About my sheet music store

This store is a compilation of the sheet music I have for sale on three platforms – Bandcamp, Sheet Music Plus, and Noteflight Marketplace. I will briefly explain how each platform works and how the delivery process.

I am just beginning to sell my sheet music through my merch page on Bandcamp. Only original works will be available on Bandcamp. This is the best place to support my work because I make the largest percentage from this platform. Once a purchase is made, I am notified and will send an email, usually within 24 hours, with a PDF digital download of the sheet music.

Sheet Music Plus
On Sheet Music Plus (SMP), I have a wide variety of original compositions as well as arrangements. When using SMP, buyers are purchasing a PDF version of the sheet music. Buyers are able to redeem the files immediately following purchase.

Noteflight Marketplace
Noteflight offers an exciting new way to buy and sell sheet music. Rather than purchasing a PDF, the user is purchasing a Noteflight file. This can be altered in minor ways such as changing the instrumentation, key signature, etc. These adjustments can be helpful especially for vocalists and ensembles with unusual instrumentations. I have a variety of original compositions and arrangements on my Noteflight Marketplace profile, most of which are for smaller ensembles.