April 2020 Newsletter

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Hi friends,

I hope this email finds you well during these uncertain times. 

This time has given me an opportunity to reflect on my life – how things are going and how I would like them to go. I loved my life before the pandemic. New England Conservatory became my happy place; I felt whole when I was surrounded by my peers and professors in our hallowed, historic school. I enjoyed working my four jobs – library aid, Jazz Orchestra librarian, Symphony Hall Usher, and teaching fellow with the Boston Public Schools. It was a lot happening at once and sometimes felt like too much for one person to handle. But I managed, until I couldn’t anymore.

Almost two months ago, I first came down with a cold. It improved, but then I had a fever. Once that improved, I had another fever. That improved and now I am beginning to feel my health decline once again. Being sick is never fun, but this is an especially difficult time. What was a minor cold became a massive infection because I was given insufficient medical advice over the phone and was discouraged from scheduling an in-person appointment until the symptoms became more severe. I cannot even begin to imagine how many people worldwide are facing similar challenges accessing the care they need during this time.

I am using this moment to think about how I want to move toward a healthier, more sustainable life with my music leading the way. How can I use my music to bring healing to myself and togetherness to my community when we are all forced to stay apart?

I have lots of ideas for new videos, online collaborations, expanding my Encountering Gunther blog series, and more. Keep an eye out on Facebook and Instagram for these things!

I am also excited to share that I have launched my Patreon page! For a monthly subscription, I will share exclusive behind-the-scenes videos, music tips, early releases, discounted sheet music, and more. Let me know what kinds of rewards would interest you.

Thank you for your continued support during this uncertain time for us all. I hope we can connect again soon in the physical world, but for now, I look forward to hearing from you on the interweb. 

Hugs from 6 feet away,

Upcoming Performances

Stay tuned for some online collaborations!

Featured Sounds

Performing MBS with the New England Conservatory Jazz Orchestra and special guest George Schuller. Read more about this performance here.

New Scores For Sale

Original compositions and arrangements for a variety of ensembles available on Noteflight Marketplace  and Sheet Music Plus!

Latest From the Blog

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Encountering Gunther: My First Encounter With His Music – As part of New England Conservatory’s Jazz50 Celebration, the NEC Philharmonia and NEC Jazz Orchestra combined forces to produce the third performance of Gunther’s tour-de-force Encounters (2003)…. [Read More]

February 2020 Newsletter – What I was up to a couple months ago …  [Read More]

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