Announcing My Next Project

I am excited to share plans for my next project! Inspired by the amazing creative work my friends have done in spite of COVID and motivated by Bandcamp’s first Friday initiative to help artists, I decided that I would release new, original music every month.

Last month, it was The New Groove. I was experimenting with new technology, trying to find meaning and humor in a confusing time. I am so grateful for all the support around this project. Thank you to everyone who has purchased, listened, dropped me a note, shared on social – you all are amazing!

My next project, which I intend to release on July 3rd, has been incredibly special. Inspired by Gunther Schuller’s book Early Jazz and by his Grammy-winning recording The Red Back Book, I decided to take a close look at Ragtime music. My initial plan was to just release an EP of my original rags. I knew I would need to do extensive research for this project and realized that I could – and should – find ways to share the story of this music with the people who know me and my music. The project has evolved to encompass an EP and a self-published collection of essays about Ragtime music. Many of the essays will also be available on my blog, some of which will inevitably overlap with my Encountering Gunther blog series.

I look forward to sharing this project with you and shining a light on this often overlooked art form that was so critical in the development of music in the United States.

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